Why do people purchase jewellery? What is your jewellery story?

What a stunning piece of handcrafted jewellery, this silver coloured necklace with coins.
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Do you have a piece of jewellery that you or someone else bought for you?

Was it to mark a special occasion? Your Wedding Day, the birth of a baby, or possibly to celebrate a work promotion. Maybe a goal you achieved? More and more women today are choosing to celebrate their own special life achievements with a tasteful, timeless, and fashionable piece of jewellery and create their own story.
People purchase fashionable jewellery for many reasons. Maybe, the purchaser wants to celebrate their sense of belongingness to a specific ethnicity or tradition. The need to take care of one’s self-esteem is definitely a factor that jewellery addresses. Wearing jewellery could make some people feel more confident about how they look.

We all have our different motivations in our lives, things that inspire us, and things that light us up. For some, it might be a handbag or shoe fetish. Regardless of what it is, we all have our fashion passions.

Everyone should have a jewellery story. So what is yours?

We would love you to share your story with us. Please post your story below.
What was that special moment for you? A special moment symbolising something very important in your life. Maybe it an antique jewellery piece you inherited that has special memories to you. It doesn’t matter what the jewellery item is. It just needs to be something special that has meaning and a story for you.
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