Fashion Jewellery Dangle Earrings

Fashion Jewellery Dangle Earrings


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Fashion Jewellery Dangle Earrings

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Fashion jewellery dangle earrings. Creatively designed and created in the villages of India for women. Indian earrings, silver in colour with a drop design

Show your love for fashion by complimenting your outfit with these silver fashion jewellery dangle earrings. Wear them with your casual outfit or going out attire.

These pretty earrings will look really beautiful hanging from your ears. The design is quite unusal and you may not see any others like this around. Also, very detailed in design.

Suitable for pierced ears. Brings you affordable fashion inspired by the catwalk, street style and celebrities. You deserve them.

Fashion jewellery dangle earrings measures:

Length 7.5cm approx from bottom of hook



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A Little About Earring History

Apparently jewellery has been worn by men as well as women since a long period of time. Silver is one of the precious metals. It has various uses. One of them is in jewellery. Silver antique jewellery has become very common. Therefore, these days a lot of designs are available.

The history of earrings is an interesting one. They have been worn by both genders for millennia. Friezes from Persepolis, the capital of the Persian Empire during the Achaemenid dynasty (550–330 BC), show warriors wearing earrings. In a tradition that spans centuries, earlobes of male and female babies in India are pierced shortly after they are born.

The ancients believed that sickness and evil spirits entered the body through its orifices. An individual could be protected if amulets were worn at these entryways, including the ears. In conclusion, early doctors also believed that earrings or the gemstones they contained cured headaches and improved eyesight. Nevertheless, it is clear that the primary goal was to adorn the body.


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