Silver Elephant Choker Necklace With Matching Earrings

Silver Elephant Choker Necklace With Matching Earrings


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Silver Elephant Choker Necklace With Matching Earrings

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Silver Elephant Choker Necklace With Matching Earrings

Beautifully crafted silver elephant choker necklace. Also with matching adorable elephant earrings with green stones. Handcrafted in the local villages of India.

This piece of jewellery is stylishly crafted. The elephants have a touch of redstone in the design Such a statement piece. Worn quite tight as a choker chain necklace.

For extra versatility the chain is adjustable by the hook being clipped shorter or longer lengths. Such a unique statement piece.


Necklace 40cm approx
Earrings 2cm approx without hook
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A Little About the History of Jewellery – Did you know?

Jewellery (British English) or jewelry (American English; see spelling differences) consists of small decorative items worn for personal adornment. Includes items such as brooches, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and cufflinks. Jewellery may be attached to the body or the clothes. From a western perspective, the term is restricted to durable ornaments, excluding flowers for example.

Basic forms of jewellery vary between cultures but are often extremely long-lived. In European cultures the most common forms of jewellery listed above have persisted since ancient times. Other forms such as adornments for the nose or ankle, important in other cultures, are much less common.

However, jewellery may be made from a wide range of materials. Gemstones and similar materials such as amber and coral. Also, even precious metals, beads, and shells have been widely used. Even enamel has often been important. In most cultures jewellery can be understood as a status symbol. Its material properties, its patterns, or for meaningful symbols. Jewellery has been made to adorn nearly every body part. From hairpins to toe rings and even genital jewellery. The patterns of wearing jewellery between the sexes, and by children and older people can vary greatly between cultures. For example, adult women have been the most consistent wearers of jewellery. However, in modern European culture the amount worn by adult males is relatively low. This is compared with other cultures and other periods in European culture.

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Weight5.1 kg
Dimensions125 × 124 × 126 cm


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